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Monday, 02 March 2009 14:38

With an area of 32 km² Valle Gran Rey is the second smallest borough on La Gomera after Agulo. Located in the south-western sector of the island, it comprises three districts: Valle Gran Rey, Arure and Taguluche. The first is a 500 m deep valley in which several small population nuclei can be found: Guadá in the upper part of the valley; Casa de La Seda, El Guro and Piedras Quebradas in the central part; La Calera on a promontory facing the valley delta; and La Playa, La Puntilla and Vueltas on the coast.

The inland hamlet of Arure is located in the upper part of the borough at a height of over 700 meters, about 3 km to the west from Las Hayas which is another rural hamlet belonging to Valle Gran Rey. Both settlements have been characterized by farming and grazing activity, which has suffered a pronounced decline since the 1940s. Taguluche is the third main region of the borough, set in a very steep valley opening towards the west and offering an amazing Gomeran landscape with its farming terraces and prominent palm trees.

Valle Gran Rey was part of the native canton of Orone until the Spanish conquest, which is when the cultivation of sugar cane took over in the valley, whereas the zone of Arure was devoted to cereals and livestock. The scarce population settled mostly in Arure and belonged to the Parish of Chipude until 1812, when the borough of Arure was constituted. At the end of the 19th century the introduction of export crops and fishing activity brought with it a population increase in the valley and on the coast, while the higher inland areas faced stagnation. This tendency imposed a significant administrative change, as in the 1930s the municipal capital status passed from Arure down to Valle Gran Rey.

In the 1960s the remoteness and scenic beauty of the valley started to attract European visitors, and since this trend accentuated in the following decades, the valley developed into the main tourist resort on La Gomera. Currently Valle Gran Rey is a consolidated European holiday destination and with the introduction of new infrastructure, such as the port, it aims to reinforce its position.

Main sights

Google Earth™
El Santo Viewpoint
28 07' 56" -17 19' 25"
The Giant Lizard Centre
La Playa
28 05' 58" -17 20' 41"
Charco del Conde
La Puntilla
28 05' 08" -17 20' 16"
Ermita de Los Reyes
Bco. Valle Gran Rey
28 06' 22" -17 19' 25"
Alojera Viewpoint
Lomo del Carretón
28 09' 04" -17 18' 30"
Puerto de Las Vueltas
Las Vueltas
28 04' 50" -17 19' 55"
El Palmarejo Viewpoint
El Palmarejo
28 07' 10" -17 18' 56"
Quiebra Canillas
Valle Gran Rey
28 06' 08" -17 20' 30"