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La Gomera promotes renewable energy sources PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 10 May 2009 16:31

"La Gomera can generate all the energy needed by its present and future population through the use of force of the wind, water and sun." This is assured by the president of the Island Council, Casimiro Curbelo, who highlights the progress of a new insular project budgeted at about 100 million euros, which reduces pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, while contributing to sustainable development of the island.

Curbelo states that, despite its limited size, the island of La Gomera has great natural values, which require the development of a project based on environmental care and quality of services. "Therefore the insular corporation has advocated a plan for clean energy sources to achieve insular self-sufficiency in 2020, which has been submitted to the national government for its support and funding", he adds. The studies conducted by the Island Council and energy experts have clearly shown the viability of harnessing the wind, sun and water as power generators on La Gomera, which will help to preserve natural resources and combat the global climatic change, two objectives that link directly with the planning done by the insular institution.

"Our plan, of which we already have defined the main lines of action and whose purpose is to ensure the supply of clean energy with at least 90 percent of the electricity needed for 90 percent of the days of the year, raises the construction of new facilities on La Gomera such as a wind farm in the northeastern quadrant of the island and photovoltaic energy centres in the south, in addition to the use of existing facilities such as La Encantadora y Amalagüige dams which will be linked to a new reservoir for to generate hydropower”, Curbelo states.

"The approximate cost of the planned operations, in which public and private entities must go hand in hand and which will take place gradually, exceeds 90 million euros", he says before stressing that they will eliminate about 100.000 tons of CO2 which would be launched into the atmosphere, if the current method of power generation based on fossil fuels is used instead. “And all this without sacrificing the permanence of a power plant reserve in case of necessity", Curbelo points out.

The highest Gomeran representative expresses his confidence in obtaining the necessary support from the regional and national governments to take forward the initiative, and affirms that the willingness of the state government has been confirmed by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy, which has highlighted the uniqueness and feasibility of the Gomeran proposal. He concludes that the project has also been analysed by the company Unelco, the actual producer of the electrical energy consumed on the island of La Gomera, which not only has expressed its readiness to cooperate in the plan which combines the three mentioned renewable energy sources, but also in other aspects such as in the search for a new location for the current power plant of the island.