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La Gomera urges pending plan of infrastructure PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 10 May 2009 16:55

The Island Council of La Gomera urges the Regional Government to accelerate the completion of several tourism facilities pending since 2003, which is especially necessary for the current difficult times of the local economy. The chairman of the insular corporation, Casimiro Curbelo, stresses the importance of encouraging business and offering competitive products to ensure the sustainability and quality of insular development.

Curbelo asks not to delay any longer the implementation of pending infrastructure such as the El Santo viewpoint, in Valle Gran Rey, the information center and recreation area of Juego de Bolas, in Agulo, the rural hotel of Imada, in Alajeró, the craft center of Vallehermoso, or the rural hotel of Los Pérez, also in Agulo.

"All these facilities are integrated into the Plan for Infrastructure and Quality Tourism in the Canaries 2001-2006, and require an investment of more than 3 million euros", explains the insular representative, before clarifying that this program also includes the rural hotels of la Casa de Los Herrera, in Hermigua, and la Casa de Los Lugo, in Agulo.

“The Island Council of La Gomera has continued to monitor the completion of the equipment and furniture of these latter two establishments, in which nearly half a million euros have been invested”, the insular president adds and emphasizes that the works cannot be delayed so long, as the hotels were already completed for nearly six years ago.

Curbelo also states that Cabildo de La Gomera has prioritized the launch of new equipment and the renovation of tourism facilities through the creation of a specific Council Department for Tourism Infrastructure and Viewpoints, which became operational in this legislature and has enabled to definitely complete the pending works on the rural hotels of Casas de Los Herrera y Los Pérez.

“This insular department collaborates with the Autonomous Community and is also working to resolve all the pitfalls of pending administrative proceedings”, he adds before recalling that the Plan for Infrastructure and Quality Tourism in the Canaries 2001-2006 has an overall budget of 8,9 million euros on La Gomera, financed in equal parts between the Autonomous Community and the Island Council, which is responsible for works such as the thalassotherapy centre planned for the Municipal Pool of Hermigua.

Curbelo also notes that the Council has already begun to lay the groundwork on the pattern of exploitation of these new facilities, for which it wants to rely on private initiative, and stresses that the insular corporation shares a request by the town of Agulo so that the jobs being generated as a result of implementing the new rural establishments are occupied mainly by unemployed people registered in the municipalities where the facilities are located.