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Network of viewpoints to be created on La Gomera PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 10 May 2009 16:59

To highlight and promote the unique beauty of the landscape of La Gomera is the subject of a project which the Island Council has already begun, as announced by its chairman Casimiro Curbelo, who stresses that the initiative will be implemented in a network of viewpoints, which will extend throughout the island and form part of the insular offer to locals and visitors alike.

Curbelo explains that the work will begin with an analysis of the status and needs of the enclaves scattered throughout the municipalities, as well as with planning for possible new centres. Meetings will be convened with each of the municipalities so that local authorities may issue reports of their considerations and inputs.

He underlines that the landscape of La Gomera, formed by the rugged insular orography, is one of the main tourist attractions of the island, and hence the insular institution's interest to enhance and capitalize on the existing infrastructure. "Many of these viewpoints are municipally owned,” says Curbelo, “so we have opted for a very participatory project in which the voice of the municipalities will have much weight." Thus the Island Council will take into account the considerations and future development plans submitted by the municipal corporations.

"La Gomera has a significant number of viewpoints," explains the counselor of tourist infrastructure Carmen Piñero, before specifying that the Council has initial plans to complete the viewpoint of El Santo in Arure, to provide the viewpoint of Abrante with the appropriate fixtures, to reform La Cruz del Viento or enable the enclaves of San Juan in Hermigua, to possibly construct a lookout at Morro de la Cruz in Alajeró, and to promote sites like La Romantica, Epina and La Cruz del Tierno in Vallehermoso.

"This is just an initial idea with some examples, as our island has many more facilities and all of them have an important value," she says, and insists that it is a question of selecting the existing viewpoints which could be remodeled to be part of an insular network of viewpoints, in addition to building the new spaces necessary to form a route to pass through all the major towns and enclaves on La Gomera.

"Just like in the rest of the archipelago, tourism is our main source of income, but on La Gomera we have opted for sustainable tourism which respects the environment. Our progress is based on the conservation and enhancement of our natural resources and the new project of having an insular network of viewpoints will be in line with this principle", Curbelo concludes.