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New pavilion for sports and cultural events on La Gomera PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 10 May 2009 14:43

The capital of La Gomera will have a large pavilion for sports and cultural events by the end of this year, as announced by the president of the Island Council Casimiro Curbelo. He stresses that the works for the construction of this facility known as Audillón will be resumed this week, and are awarded by the insular corporation to a Gomeran company for a total of 3 million euros.

Curbelo says that the work will become a reality thanks to the collaboration between insular and regional governments, and recalls that this facility has experienced some setbacks attributable to the previous contract, which was awarded at the time to the company Tile House Canarias, declared into suspension of payments. "This situation led us to terminate contracts and open a new adjudication process, in addition to the search for new financing, which has delayed the work, but we can ensure that the endowment located in San Sebastián will continue to progress once again."

The Audillón has been awarded to Construcciones Darias, which will complete the work within a period of eleven months as set out in the action plan, which also stipulates that the works to be done begin with the closing and waterproofing of the construction which is already completed, to avoid advancing deterioration of the center.

"We have made the necessary tests to check the status of the structure of this center, which will represent a revulsive for the social and sporting life of the insular capital and the whole island, as it will make possible to offer such entertainment events which currently can not be held on La Gomera for lack of space”, states the maximum representative of the island.

The chairman of the Island Council insists that this facility has a grand dimension, not only from an economic point of view but also socially, because it is aimed especially at young people from all over the island, it will encourage the practice of sports, and it will enable La Gomera to have a multifunctional space that can accommodate large cultural events.

He clarifies that the proper services of Audillón will be supplemented with a car park of 2.607 square metres, cafeteria, storeroom, sanitarium and gymnasium. “Ultimately we can ensure that the completion of this facility will enable La Gomera to match any other region in the Canaries or Spain as far as cultural and sports facilities are concerned."